What's Cooking - Did you ask? A lot.

We at KA18Labs are working hard to bring the best eat out experience through our innovative technology. The technology that's finger lickin' good, as we like to call it.


CinCin can almost predict what you want to eat and when...even where – did we say almost?

On the Way

Tell us which direction you are headed and we’ll handle the rest.

World Cuisine

Be it the pho that you like, or the fried chicken you love, or the dessert that you crave – we've got it all covered.

Tech to the Rescue

We love technology and food, of course not in any particular order. We always knew this love was no coincidence. So, we started building the technology that the food business has always yearned for.

Food for Thought

How can technology help revolutionize the food industry? What does it take to build that technology? What is the secret sauce?

Tech Meets Food

We know you’ll be busy licking your fingers, our intuitive technology tries hard to keep you at it.

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